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Architectural Photography with Shawn Talbot – 1 Stop Closer Ep. 7

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  1. Love you do and video is profession quality that i have been looking for to learn from. Thanks a lot for your share. I appreciated it. From Cambodia photographer.

  2. Loved it, subscribing now!

  3. Breathtaking

  4. Very nice video and final results.  Getting it right in the camera is a noble goal, but it's so film!  With digital post-processing, "perfectionism" can get even better.  (Better, for me, is closer to reality, to the visual experience of seeing it with my eyeballs, as opposed to how the film / sensor records it.  This may involve correcting for flaws in the sensor / film.)  

    Some of the scenes might have benefited from removal of color casts in the window / exterior.  e.g. @ 4:26  The blue cast could have been corrected.  The windows in this case are an easy shape to mask.  The reflections in the counter-top would then also have to be corrected to match but wouldn't be too hard to do with the same mask.

    The interior lighting is great.  Probably a result of lots of experience doing it with film, the hard way.  🙂

    Thanks for that!

  5. I am desperately trying to figure out how to mask the window pane frames in a large window that contains around 25 panes of glass, half of which are odd shapes like half circles or arches?  The challenge is that I am taking two images, one exposure for the inside entry way and one exposure to capture the view thru the window of the front yard at mid day, which makes all the frames dark of course from the inside.  I have no problems masking the glass itself, but trying to capture the inside exposure of the small metal frames holding each pane in place which at the same time masking in the outside exposure of the front yard thru the glass is where I get stuck?  There has got to be a easy way??  Please help.

  6. Francisco Antonio

    very nice job!!!

  7. State of Mind Films + Branded Content

    Thank you for your question, Michael. Shawn is out of reach on an assignment but I was able to ask him about this. He informs us that although a tilt-shift lens would straighten out the vertical lines in the image, they can not physically shift the perspective of the viewer; therefore, to see into the top floor rooms of the home, it was required to get the camera up high (thereby standing on the roof of the pool house). Hopefully that answers your question. Thank you for watching!

  8. How come you were not able to use a perspective control lens?

  9. Marvin Delos Reyes

    so informative and motivational.

  10. Great video, very useful, really enjoyed it!

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