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Architectural Photography: Stay Focused with Doug McKinlay

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  1. helped me alot thank you ! amazing video

  2. Searching In Progress

    To be able to have tiny pauses before he speaks and getting clear on his point, I can hear this guy talk for days :)

  3. Thank you Doug and Adorama team, very helpful. Thumbs up.

  4. Many thanks for the vid: most instructive.  Suggestion: the camera-man needs to keep the video camera still because I felt sea sick

  5. hitmancorporation

    "Cost more than your first born" lol. Thanks for the vid.

  6. Kiril Karaatanasov

    Thanks for the great video!

    One more hint. With mirrorless cameras like Sony A6000 one can turn almost any full frame DSLR lens into tilt-shift lens. I use old nikon lenses with manual aperture on my A6000 camera to shoot architecture. 

    Here is Kipon tilt-shift adapter for Sony camera to nikon lenses


  7. Andrew Bloomfield

    Thanks Doug, great advice.

  8. It seems like Doug really likes HDR pictures

  9. Which backpack are u using? Thanks

  10. i like the "KISS" and sure i need to apply it in future

  11. you give in clarity and passion what you lack in fluidity, thank you for the inspiration !

  12. Your videos provide very useful tips and insights. Thank you

  13. Inspirational as usual, thanks Doug.

  14. Very informative video, thanks for sharing

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