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Approach to Buying a Camera – DSLR Camera Buyers Guide for Beginners – Photography Tips

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  1. Sandeep Krishnan (Sandy)

    nice room.

  2. great advice man

  3. Amateur Futographer


    I am looking to buy DSLR but bit confused which one to buy because of lots of options being available in the market.

    Here I would like to add that I like taking photos of my family and kids at home (including portraits), indoor photography, family trips to another city or country (holidays) , day outs, school functions, kids sports, friends get-together etc.

    I would love to take blurred background pictures which is my favorite part.

    I am less bothered about capturing videos, I just like taking photos.

    I am not much into wild photography, architecture, etc.

    Should I buy DSLR Camera and Lens in one go instead of buying them separately?

    I am thinking of buy eitehr Nikon 18-105mm or 18-200mm lens. Not sure which lens to buy! and would that be worth to buy these zoomed lens keeping in view my above photography priorities! Or should I go for prime lens?
    And also not sure which camera body to buy?

    My budget is approx. $1200  (£750).

    Thank you in advance for your time and comments.

    Amateur Photographer

  4. What did u record this on?

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  6. I'm currently looking for my first DSLR, and I've narrowed it down to the Nikon D3200 or the Nikon D5100. Now I'm stuck. Can't decide. I've read so many different things, I'm thinking 24mp is pointless but it has the newest technology etc.

  7. You're very down to earth, practical and really easy to watch. Thanks for this tutorial, man.

  8. Sunstar Moonandearth

    I think that's my starting budget to though. Like he said start from the bottom and work your way up. Learn that camera then work your way up to the next. There is no shame in $100. No great person woke up being great, they had to start somewhere ….

  9. Sunstar Moonandearth

    YES! I love this. YES. Common sense but it helped a lot.

  10. Thank u

  11. this intro is what i needed. haha

  12. very sensible advice

  13. TheOriginalFotobro

    Get one for free from your uncle. That's the way to do it friend.

  14. TheOriginalFotobro

    Good tips there sonny. You are very wise.

  15. TheOriginalFotobro

    Watch this friends. watch?v=PP3fv7pj8OI
    You should only spend a minute deciding what camera you buy.

  16. what is the cheaper price for camera?!

  17. @CamCrunch what is the best bigge

  18. @CamCrunch whate

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