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Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, & Light Explained-Understanding Exposure & Camera Settings

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  1. so shutter speed affects light as well as motion, and aperture affects light as well as depth of field? So both affect light?

  2. Aznur Nizza Yucque Azral

    Thank you for the great explanations. I am going to have an exam on how camera works (all about the ISO, shutter speed and everything) and your video really helps me to understand things! Big thanks to you.

  3. Good explaination thanks……

  4. Malsawmtluanga Varte

    Very Helpful..

  5. hi, if you had to buy anyone of them, which one will it be?
    1. Olympus em5
    2. Pentax KS1
    3. Canon EOS 700D.

    not a professional, not going to be.

  6. I don't understand…

  7. i just bough my first DSLR….u made it a breez…..man…u explain very well…i made notes n tomorrow m off to different locations…

  8. Sandra Shaffer (Sanfire)

    Thank you loved this learning pentax and love it just now moving out of auto into p and av modes

  9. amazing sir

  10. good day sir. .
    im confusing coz you said if ISO is high the background is noisy and if the ISO is low like 100 the background is nice right?
    my question is when I set my ISO to 100 the exposure is dark . thank you.
    sorry for my english im asian ????????

  11. Tony, I just purchased a new Nikon fixed aperture lens 24 to 120 F.4. I use my camera Nikon D610 to shoot videos. My frame rate is 24 FPS or 1/50 SS. In the sun today with my light meter – set meter at ISO of 200 and 1/50 SS, my light meter says use a F13. which is impossible . In order for me to even get an image that I can see in live view on the LCD screen I have to blow the ISO up to 800. In my small studio – I have to pump us ISO to 2500 which makes everything fuzzy. Any thoughts on how to remedy this.

  12. OMG! great am going to subscribe you! great info!

  13. Was the lens on manual or auto ?

  14. thanx a lot. this video helped me when i started. love photography since then.


  16. hi. this video is really good! what's your facebook handle?

  17. does shutter and uso control how focused a picture gets or mostly just the aperture setting? beginner here sorry.

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