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Aperture Shutter Speed and ISO, Photography 101

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  1. I'm scared.

  2. I was yawning before the video starts, but my yawn was broken upon the appearance of this man… For a moment I thought this was some parody video…

  3. great video, my question is : is there a optimal/ base set point ? for ex : the start point will bee f stop 5.6 , ss 1/60 , iso 400 ? and from there i will correct and count hops ? or ideal relation-combination between them , for ex: ss 1/30 : f stop 2.8…something like that ? thank you

  4. Very helpful! Thank you for helping me "get it".

  5. Finally a video that explains it in very simple terms for a person who is totally new to dslr photography. The whole triangle thing was hard for me to grasp. So thanks!

  6. Captain spike

  7. I f***** love how poorly edited this video is ????????

  8. lmao. the frozen face in the beginning

  9. Informative video, but the person who edited it should be fired and never hired again, and the person IN the video should stop acting like a robot.

  10. this by far the most helpful video for beginners!

  11. Was this guy in kraftwerk?

  12. sir are you dying ?

  13. Hilarious! Yes, very practical basic info. It's the over compressed voice-over and weird painfully long freeze-frame holds before he actually speaks is something completely original. And 685k views?? Wow…

  14. This video is so hilarious. Whoever this guy is kills it.

  15. can i share this video at my space?

  16. Thank you so much this was extremely helpful

  17. sharing this video. awesome info. (is this guy a robot…LOL)

  18. tbh it was good but he doesnt sound happy 🙁 ;)

  19. Hanna-Lee Harjono

    did anyone else fall asleep…

  20. Very practical. Thanks

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