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An Introduction to Macro Photography

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  1. Thanks for another great tutorial.

  2. very nice spend 1,40 hrs

  3. b&h i need help with the canon 60mm macro and the lens hood cuz when i get to 1:1 with hood attached the front of hood touches subject

  4. No mention of Reversing Rings? A cheaper method allowing you to get close to your subject.

  5. Thanks for the info .

  6. I've owned both DC lenses at different times over the years and, while the DC lenses paint a wonderful portrait, I've found the DC effect so subtle as to be rather useless.

  7. Hats off to Tim! All my questions answered even before I thought about them! Can't thank enough!

  8. what would you use and how would you used it for indoor photos of teeth for dental color matching purposes.

  9. Very informative. Many thanks : )

  10. Sander Noel dela Cruz

    In macro photography, is there any difference when attaching the lens into a full frame body or a crop camera body? Does it affect the image quality? Thanks.

  11. Tim Cooper is a great teacher & speaker, really enjoying his seminars.  Thanks, Tim!

  12. This video explained so much, and answered a lot of my questions about macro photography :)

  13. An excellent lecture and so very well delivered by Mr Cooper.

  14. I like it, but I feel weird that 2 sec delay between the video and the sound were not corrected prior its publication

  15. Macro is GREAT! Lots of great tips here. Off camera flash is one of my favorite techniques. I sometimes like to back-light the subject with the flash for some stunning results: http://i.imgur.com/76OAmFa.jpg

  16. Tim's lectures are always amazing. Easy to follow and with a lot of great and useful tips. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Your best bet if you have a nikon or a cannon is to get the Tokina 100mm 2.8 pro.  It is the best macro lens and it is under 500.00 really well made.  See Ken Rockwell's review.

  18. is it just me, or does his volume get higher and lower throughout the video?

  19. Always enjoy Tim Cooper's lectures.

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