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Action Camera Group Test 2014

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  1. get a good camera from amazon, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YUC331M

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  3. Boring

  4. I chose this version of the camera, great quality pictures http://ali.pub/nqlwd

  5. Test Midland xtc 280/285?

  6. It's not complete test. GoPro has very bad antivibration handling and has washed warm colors on clear sky, the thing you didn't put into the video because in those cases Garmin and Sony would be the leading cameras. But I think Kodak PixPro beats all 6 of them, and is cheaper then GoPro. :)

  7. They missed the contour

  8. The best quality on video is the Garmin

  9. I personally think that there is no need to discuss which is nowadays the best action camera. It is by far the GoPro, at whatever price point. If you just go and take a look at the GoPro website you will see how incredibly versatile such a camera is. You can buy soooo many accesoires for it and there is so many aftermarket brands that make cheap but quality mounts and accesories for it.
    Get the GoPro. There is areason why it is the bet selling camera in the world.

  10. why didn't you leave links, would have been great

  11. Before watching I just want to say my only real interest is how they handle wind noise and/or if they can accept an external mic, to combat said wind noise? Any "action camera" that cannot handle a bit of air flow should be taken out back and shot.

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