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6 Tips for Setting Up a Home or Office Studio – Photography & Lighting Tutorial

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  1. hi there I love your channel and i find them all the time interesting and today I want to ask for an advice my young brother has down syndrome and my family needs same money that they don't have it i made for him a funding page witch is here :
    https://www.gofundme.com/356p8... how can I help him ?or can can i raise the funds I look forward for your answer thank you a lot!

  2. Hi, I am curious to know where or how you got those galvanized tripods. I am an armature photographer and would like to set some thing up to take pics of my kids and family.


  4. Where did you get your stands for the backdrop? That looks pretty sturdy.

  5. love the diy backdrop stand but how would you make the bottom part. can you do a video on that too?

  6. Super

  7. where do u get half inch galvanized pipe

  8. Hey JP, I just used your idea for the backdrop holder. Painted the piping with ceiling white mat paint to camouflage them. That work pretty well but I'll add something to the design. You need to put a layer of electrical tape ( white ! ) over the 1 inch metal pipe. Otherwise it's soo slippery that the paper roll just unroll itself on the ground ( it happened, not fun ). With the layer of electrical tape it's just sticky enough to prevent it to roll by itself but allow you to roll it in and out easily.

    Cheers and thanks for this idea it saved me quite a lot of money.

  9. Which brand background support stands are you using. They look sturdy

  10. won't the container melt if ever heat increases because of the bulb? :)

  11. it's Awesome (Y)

  12. I love Slanted Lens tutorials, but there are so many things wrong with these DIY lights. Obviously, there's no heat escape holes in any of them, but also consider that the plastic light sockets that are on those clamp lights are only rated for 60 watts, not 300. You would need a ceramic socket to safely accommodate those bulbs. These lights are safety hazards from top to bottom. The only way to make these designs safer is to use LED bulbs and make some air holes in the boxes.

  13. ‫اثير صادق‬‎


  14. When to use a white, black or colored backdrop ?

  15. nice ideas, but I have a little question about it. it's about the temperature warm of the lamps, in the case of the soft boxes that you use, there is no problem with temperature, I mean, for the material of each box could burn it, don´t you think?

  16. พิชิตชน ไชยคำวัง (เติ้ล ขลุ่ยไทย -ThePC)

    will the heat from the lightbulb melt the foam cooler? how often should I turn it off while shooting?

  17. Great video, thank you for the tips! What would you recommend to film tutorials (filming from above a table looking down on it)? I purchased a backdrop stand on which I attached my camera so I can really shoot from above but I'm not sure what do with lighting? An umbrella on each side?

  18. Joe's Photo & Video Channel

    Creative video, however there are plenty of generic $20 alternatives for soft boxes on Amazon. No need to burn you house down with homemade solutions. Also why are you using 300w incandescent bulbs and not much cooler operating (and brighter) CFL's?  To me, someone getting into photography on a tight budget would be much better off getting one of those 'whatever' Studio Kits off Amazon that comes with 3x 40w CFLs, 3x Stands and 2 umbrellas. Your choice of black or shoot through white.. All for about $50 US dollars.. IMHO of course.. Much better option then burning your house down..

  19. where did you get those awesome clamps?

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