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5 best mirrorless Cameras compared – Mirrorless in NYC Conclusion

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  1. sony a7s vs fujifilm xt1?
    fujinon xf 56mm f/1.2 r vs sigma 50mm art 1.4?
    i demand a response.

  2. νικος γιώργος

    big letters on screen really really annoying,so is this music

  3. If you want the best mirrorless take Sony!

  4. magic thank you

  5. which mirrorless i have to choose between olympus omd-e10 and fujifilm x-t10?
    which tone is the best? i would like to take a pic of my kids (6,4,and 2 years old)
    thank for the advise…

  6. Theoria Apophasis

    Matt gets it right, the Fuji XT-1 is the best in the bunch and stomps on the rancidness of Fony mirrorless junk.

    Congrats to the Mattster

  7. annoying music!

  8. Temporal Mix Productions

    Where can we see the photos you took?

  9. Everyone banging on about the Sony a6000, the image quality of its standard lens gets well beaten by the micros in this review, so if you want to get the best out of the a6000 you have to spend some good money on another lens which doesn't make it a real bargain does it, imo micro 4 3rds for me or if you want XT1 image on the cheap get a xm1 like I did far better image quality than the a6000. 

  10. Samsung nx1 is the best

  11. lot of people complaining about the music, it didn't disturb me at all.
    the a6000 is a good camera but i didn't like it for 2 reasons : build quality and battery life. that's why i prefer Oly or Fuji.

  12. This was a really fun series! Quite helpful for someone like me who isn't sure which camera they want to buy.

  13. "No stings attaxed…"

  14. Would've been nice if you also put in some sample shots from each camera. =)

  15. A6000 is the best mirrorless for cheaper price

  16. Thanks for the review, I would like to have seen your view on the a6000 with these. I like the fuji for the ease of controls. I wonder how it compares against the a6000.. I really would love an A7s at about 24 meg and 209,000 ISO, I think I would go with the fuji over the Olympus do to the larger sensor size. Again thanks

  17. Thanks again Matt for another great review.  Interesting you would choose the Fuji with Better viewfinder and connectivity over the Olympus with better image stabilization and fast auto focus, if those are the major differences.  

  18. Did u just say 'the 5 boroughs of Manhattan'?

  19. I really like your videos. You're one of the best presenters. Very Good BUT. A little thing is in the video codec data rate, it's in megaBITS not megaBYTES (8bits=1byte) and a BIG thing the music / rhythmic noise is annoying as hell and unnecessary at least all the way through. Otherwise fantastic.

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