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360×180° Panorama Tutorial – Pt.1: Shooting the images

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  1. Toronto 360 Photography

    Thank you for the Video

  2. Muchas gracias por tus vídeos, thanks greetings from La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

  3. thank

  4. Hi Florian, I have a concern hope you can help me out, I dont have a fish eye lens but I took a set of pictures with a professional cam and now im using ptgui to stich them together but is not working the way it supposed to work, maybe is because the pctures were taken horizontally instead of vertically. can you help me out!, is the fish eye len really needed ?

  5. Hellow Florian,
    Kindly can you guide me about Panohead. I have a vangaurd alyra pro tripod with ball mount head, it is not sufficient for panoramic suiting.

    Can you tell me which kind of panohead are you using for this  youtube tutorial video?

    Please send me details specification and model name of the panohead which you used in this video. 

  6. Thanks for the great tutorial video. 
    Is it not a good idea to shoot 360 virtual tour photo in a busy pub where people keep moving around in a tiny room ?   I tried event panoramic (not 360) picture before. End up the same walking waiter showed up everywhere in the pic.  
    Or how to deal with complicate lighting in a typical neighborhood pub where there are spot lights for live performance, sport TV on walls, beer neon signs behind bartenders…..    

  7. At first I hated the Philopod method. Tried that on a point-and-shoot camera with a circular fisheye lens adapter. Over a year later, I now have a proper camera (Nikon D7100,) a proper fisheye lens (Nikkor f2.8 10.5mm,) and guess what? I still hate the Philopod method.

  8. ט

  9. Thái Quốc Media

    I buy nikon D700 FF, Lens is appropriate?

  10. vasile octavian Pop

    Salut Florian ,poti sa adaugi la video o  subtitrare in limba romana ?

  11. Hello Florian. I just wanted to tank you for your discount code, just used to order a R10 head. Regards from Romania, Alin.

  12. Hi mate, it really depends and what works best for you. You can see from my tutorial series which software I prefer to use for stitching. As for tour building, I like to use KRPano, but Pano2VR is also a very good option.

  13. Hello Florian:
    I want to congratulate you for your excellent work,
    I am new in this exiting activity, I am starting to create 360 image for my publishing activities, Can you recommend me the best Stiching SW and touring?I am not well trained in SW

  14. If a don´t have a right camera , can I still do the pictures

  15. Natalie Pokrovskaya

    Great tutorial, what video camera did you use, its very sharp! Most likely you shot yourself, because it was st on auto focus, you are not in focus when its close up, the background is.

  16. catedral

  17. Erol Sadullah luders

    well done.. really good work.

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