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3 Tips for Wedding Photography Pricing Strategies | Interview with Jeff and Lori

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  1. In both cases, you are getting WAY more for wedding photography than I ever did. It has been quite a few years since I got out of it, but even adjusted for inflation, you are probably get double what I was getting, and more than anyone was getting in my geographic area. I guess this has a lot to do with where you are, though I am surprised to hear of 10K-12K packages in Wilmington, NC. I was working in SW Va., where incomes are clearly lower, but even in today's dollars, my packages would have been no more than $4,000. including big album, framed wall portrait, etc., done in medium format film. Adjusted for inflation, wedding day shooting and a proof book was only around $1000., with no album, no portraiture or enlargements. And, that was about all the market would bear. Too many photogs doing it at that price

  2. Great couple. Thank you all for the great video! I love SLR Lounge.

  3. My girlfriends name is Pai…

  4. Love the power of suggestion!

  5. Yes great interview and very helpful tips

  6. This was very interesting to watch. Excellent tips :)

  7. Great Interview. I'm reworking my comlete pricing now 😛
    I have one more question thou, how do you send out the images you put on the USB Drive? Every Image? Retouched? Best of? Client Proof?

  8. The Photo/Video Show

    Excellent info! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Really really awesome!  Can't wait for more!  Thanks for SHARING!

  10. great interview! Thank you. :)

  11. Hey Mr.Pye forget pricing,where did you get that coffee table?!!!!!!

  12. Thanks guys!  We'll have a copy of our investment guide online in an hour or so with a 30 minute recorded webinar to walk you through the psychology of why we do what we do.

  13. Awesome Sauce!

  14. this was helpful, never heard tips like this either

  15. I'm getting married in Jakarta, Indonesia, where the wedding business is HUGE and also the photography business. There's tons of talented photographers and it's still affordable. 

    An example: this is my package. For about 1,500 $ this is what I will get:
    – three photographers, two videographers, two crews (flash assistants, etc). Yes, that's seven people!
    – a 4x3m screen projector + operator (for the party)
    – a mini studio set-up on location
    – two 30 x 20 cm photo books (120 and 60 pages), a DVD…

    All this for one day! The church ceremony is at 8 AM and the evening reception at 7 PM, and so they will work from very early (some crews 5-6 AM) until about 10 PM. Of course I'll allow  a couple hours break in the afternoon.

    Lucky for me it's a cheaper deal than other photographers. They charge easily 2000/2500 $ for a similar package. 

  16. Awesome information!

  17. This was a great interview! Really enjoyed this. Thanks

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