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2 problems with Jessop’s 360AFD flashgun for Canon

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  1. I have the exact same problem.

  2. new batteries? durrrhh

  3. Hi Laurence. Please check my other videos, I've fixed it. If I'm not wrong it was a wire that was detached between the motherboard and the upper light compartment.

  4. @irvy4u did you ever manage to fix this? I've just had the same thing happen to mine 🙁

  5. It's junk. Don't buy from Jessops.

  6. Joshua Cope - BA Photojournalist

    I had this same problem about 2 weeks ago and it tuned out to be the flash unit getting jammed (the camera rolled to 1 side in my car from 1 job to another and the flashgun hit the door fairly hard). Pushed it back in and all fine now 🙂

    Seems a pretty hardy flashgun and easy to fix if there is a problem

  7. I had a similar problem with my 360 AFD for Sony. I returned it to Jessops and they replaced it as it has a 2 year guarantee, check the website.

  8. Hiya. I figured it out. One of the wires connecting the lower circuit board to the upper circuit board had snapped. I soldered it back and it's fully working again. Check my other two videos about this issue and you'll find that I fixed it. I've now sold the two flashes and I'm trying to use ancient flashguns as slaves only. 🙂 Cheaper.

  9. Funnily enough, I bought a nikon version of this flash about a week ago. Used it once to test it out. Just come back to it today, to do a job and its doing exactly the same thing. I've tried new batteries in it and still no joy. Luckily mine is still under warranty so I'm contacting them in the morning I think. Hope you get it sorted mate.

  10. @zipton360 I have also only just disassembled this. I found a broken conductor thing (I don't know what it is) on the board, and soldered it, but only to find nothing changed.

    I took pictures but I'm too bothered to change them into a video (if anybody's really interested I can email them), but I still don't know what this conductor thingamajig is called.

  11. @zipton360 Thanks a lot for reply. I'm using fully charged rechargeable batteries. Regular batteries have also been used with the same result.

    Before I get the "rechargeable batteries are 1.2v while regular ones are 1.5v so you cannot use these instead of those" comment, I should probably clarify something.

    You can.

    That is because the number you see on a rechargeable battery is the "mean voltage", so at full charge you'll get 1.5, at near-empty charge you'll get approximately 1.0v:mean 1.2v

  12. Batteries?

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