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11 Tips to Photograph Wild Animals Without Getting Killed

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  1. Bison…not buffalo. Good tips though.

  2. Awesome and informative!
    BTW, dude its a bison not a buffalo XD

  3. very helpful tips even in the responses. Great tribute to your Dad. Now i gotta find how to afford that lens. Thanks for posting.

  4. so the give away link is just dead after the today's deadline? please reply so i know it wasn't a scam :(

  5. Great video. One little tip for cold weather. Keep your extra batteries inside your jacket close to your body. Batteries get weak if they get cold. Swap out a battery if it starts to fade. Once it warms up, you will find it still has more juice.

  6. what tripod and head do you use?

  7. This is some great advice! Thank you so much for publishing this insiders.


  8. Your dad looks like one cool dude,thanks for the tips.

  9. Another good tip is get some camo clothing. Gotta credit Tony Northrup for that one.

  10. Kewl

  11. I need that lens

  12. Great tips, and amazing pictures!

  13. I like the video. Do you have a video clip or can you upload a video with setting tips? ISO, Aperture etc for photograph wild animals?  that would be great too.

  14. if lost wallet technique doesnt work….pretend u are a buffalo and start eating grass :)

  15. Badger emergency responses

    Nice video m8 going to try this, Thanks

  16. Amazing photos … Just 2 subjects. Looks like a lot of hard work and commitment has gone in to create them … Thank you sharing them for free

  17. Beautiful animals, don't understand how some people can be so stupid to kill them as a hobby. 

  18. I carry a three legged folding stool. $10"s !

  19. Andreas Beerli Photography

    Hey i Like your tips! Im a Hobby photographer from Switzerland and i gona be in Southafrica in March for Safari wth the same Lens. What Settings i Need ? ist gona be my first time.

    Thank you for your help :



  20. Nice multi-layered story. 11 rules. Sr. with a great portfolio, experience and wisdom. And a son who "made his own choices" yet after 50-ish years still has to do a thing his dad did. Thanks.

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