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10 Mistakes People Make When Buying A Camera

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  1. I partially agree with you.

  2. 4:30 wait a minute, since when do they sell cameras without SD cards and batteries?

  3. 9should be OVERestimated.

  4. thank you sir for the video! great advice for the beginners…

  5. Excellent video! Great for beginners who really don't know how to choose a camera!

  6. Should I buy the nikon p900 as a first camera? It's only pity that it doesn't take RAW photo's, but I would love a camera that can zoom in that far.

  7. wonderfull class…juz what needed…thank you..!

  8. Jesus Gomez-Cortes

    Amen on number 1

  9. that whole table of Fuji XT1's and 5D Mk III and GX7's doe

  10. Yes, photography is expensive, but so are other hobbies, like owning a horse, a great dane, sailing, golf, a Harley Davidson, and above all : a woman ! :-)

  11. Is this guy better than Jared Polin?

  12. Loved 3.

  13. Um. Shouldn't number 9 (underestimating what their money would buy) be OVERESTIMATING what their money would buy?

  14. I only come to Creative live for John Greengo and Zack Arias – they are real and practical with their lessons.

  15. Marshall Stephenson

    I enjoyed that John. You hit the nail on the head with number one! Thank you. I am a subscriber now.

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