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10 Amazing Wildlife Photography Tips

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  1. i got a vill how can i start a topic on garden wildlife anytips

  2. Can´t wait to get out and take some shots, as soon as the weather clears up here in germany.

  3. Great tips. 

  4. What if we cant afford a $10,000 lens!

  5. Great tips. I live in a wooded subdivision with a lot of deer. So they are pretty comfortable around people in general. I learned a number of years back that if I just wander down in the woods with them and walk around doing what they are doing they pretty much ignore me. I toss an acorn or two their way and they will actually walk up and eat it. To some extent they will actually follow me around. Conversely, when my girlfriend came over not used to seeing deer up close she would lock eyes with them and they immediately go on alert and won't take their eyes off her. I likened to her as imagine if you walked into Walmart and you saw someone starting at you. You would feel very uncomfortable. Animals see anything focused and staring at them as a possible predator or aggressor. p.s. don't try this with moose or bears :>)

  6. Dear Steve,
    Your tips are very good. Especially some of them are really vital for wildlife photography.
    Thanks a lot.

  7. Thanks Steve, great advice indeed!

  8. Your images are unbelievable.. simply the best!

  9. I own the ebook and have to say the content is the gem. Thank you, Steve!

  10. have you ever used the tc301 in all your years of photography? I have the tc14b and i'm pleased with the results. I use manual focus already with mostly ais prime lenses in my bag. just concerned with iq. (hoping to buy a 500 or 600 ais next summer) really enjoy your vid's. thanks phil

  11. Once again, great informative video Steve. Thanks for taking time out to share your fabulous tips, they are always so helpful.

  12. Nice, as always… :)

  13. Does your ebook teach how to find animals, where to wait for animals and how to hide from animals, etc?

  14. Good stuff; thanks Steve

  15. Thanks for the useful tips. I knew many, but had not considered a couple of them before.

  16. Always top notch stuff Steve, so glad your on the forum with us.. and all this content is just "Gold Jerry…. Gold!"

  17. Great tips! Thanks.

  18. Steve. Thanks man. Grateful for your resources and teaching.

  19. Steve, thanks for such helpful tips! I have your e-book, and love it!

  20. Thanks Steve, big help. Thumbs up…

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