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♥ Polaroid Camera Review & DEMO! | Instax Mini 8 ♥

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  1. What do u mean it will take 10 min

  2. Adriana Mączyńska

    ile kosztował aparat i ile kosztują wkłady

  3. I want this for christmas!

  4. Thank you! I want to get one for Christmas and I definitely know that I will get one! This was super helpful! ❤️

  5. Kimberly Martinez

    Nice I'm going to have to get one????????✌????️????????????

  6. Precious Egharevba-Edewor

    Hey I'm starting a website and would love to have some Polaroid shots on it, do you know how I can put the pictures online ?

  7. how old are you

  8. Can I use the camera still without any films inside?? Pls reply

  9. I really want to buy a Polaroid camera but I think that it would be too pricey…you need to buy films often right? and are the films expensive? lastly, how many pictures can you take with one film?

  10. Your soooooo pretty!!!!

  11. omg you are so gorgeous!!

  12. I remember being like 4 years old playing with my grandpas polariod camera. Taking photos of everyone and id so love to have one like this. :D

  13. I'm asking for one on Christmas

  14. Omg! Awesome video!! ???????? love this so much! I watched this video like a thousand times before buying a camera!! ????

  15. not a Polaroid, Polaroid is a brand, this is a fujifilm camera


  17. Great video. Very helpful. Thanks a lot for the video.

  18. Garroth The Guard

    why are people keep on calling it polariod camera??

  19. I remember those back in the old days making a comeback my grandma had one back from the 70 it died 4 years ago

  20. This video was on my birthday!!!

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